What we believe in

We'll get your brand rolling!

We believe in communication and building brands through products, nothing is more spot on than a product worn or used by fans and customers.

Real people as a sender makes it feel for real!
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What we do


We provide You with all necessary sales tools like your own custom made webshop including payment solutions and logistics. If you´re temporary store or a touring act, we´ll get you all set up with displays and pay-by-card solutions.


Once You got your range all figured out and designed, we´ll take care of the production of your goods in a dialogue with you so it just get perfect! Get outside the box and think, we cover production for clothes, electronics, give aways etc. Your imagination is the border.


From our warehouse we handle storage, shipping and consumer support. We got it covered from an idea to a ready-to-ship-box!

Real Merch - Real People


Let us know who You are and we'll get back to you!
· Office ·
Deaf & Dumb · Fjällgatan 32 B · 116 28 Stockholm · Sweden
Phone: +46 8 819020 · E-mail: info@deaf-dumb.com

· Webshop ·
Deaf & Dumb · Virensväg 6 · 641 94 Katrineholm · Sweden
Phone: +46 150 22025 · E-mail: order@deaf-dumb.com

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